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The arrival

The ups, the downs, all blogged! From the moment of hearing the words “how many have you ordered?” muttered by the nurse, to the day these two bundles of joy let out their first cry. Read about it all here.

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When the good times roll

They are there (the good times that is!), I just found that you have to get through some extremely rocky periods before the good times roll. Read about how I coped…and how I didn’t cope so well with being a twin dad!

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Time stealing mini ninja’s

Adorable though they are, your time is no longer that of your own. Work on some hiding places, tactics and hundreds of excuses. A twin dad needs to be armed to the hilt to not only protect his own sanity, but to remain a man!


This twin dad

Welcome to my blog and forum site. The first point I would like to make extremely clear is, I love my family and three children dearly. To coin a very overused phrase (which I utterly hate) "they are my world". However, this does not mean I can't share some of the trials, tribulations and daily frustrations of being a "twin dad". This is by far from a "how to bring up twins" or "tips for being a better twin dad" blog. It is an open, honest and sometimes brutally realistic account of the day to day life of a very average, simplistic and often sarcastic, twin dad. I will also be supporting the cause and raising awareness for men suffers of Post Natal Depression along my blogging way.

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The Twin Life

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The good

Twins are a blessing. It may not seem like it through some of the rougher periods, but the good times certainly do start to outweigh the bad! A very fulfilling adventure indeed!


The bad

Two new arrivals bursting their way in to your life, can cause unimaginable strain on your life and partner relationship. The day to day chaos can sometimes get a little too much!


The ugly

Everything is different for a twin parent. The way you shop, type of car, a simple visit to the local supermarket and not to mention how you divide your quality time equally with your other kids.

Recent Blog Posts


The insanely busy Christmas – Be prepared, VERY prepared!

So, Christmas has passed and all members of family have been issued with expensive gifts (they will probably never use!), people have been wished Happy New Year and it is back to the reality of a regular working week for me tomorrow. Not for the first time since having three children.

07 Jan 2015

10 *Special* Twin Dad Money Saving Tips

I've no financial background, my tips won't make you a millionaire and some of them you may not even agree with or make sense of, but here are 10 of my top money saving tips when having twins! 1) Create/give birth to a child in advance of your twins arrival. "This.

03 Nov 2014

Twin Dad’s destroy the multitasking myth!

Human multitasking is the apparent performance by an individual of handling more than one task at the same time. The term is derived from computer multitasking. An example of multitasking is taking phone calls while typing an email. Multitasking can result in time wasted due to human context switching and.

20 Oct 2014
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