Hi! I’m a proud father to girl/boy twin toddlers. Each day I am amazed with how much (and the ways in which) they…

  • Grow
  • Play
  • Create
  • Love
  • Eat, and eat
  • Telepathically plot to outsmart their mother and I

Parenting – especially for twins/multiple children – is such a breeze…said no one, ever.

Parenting – especially for twins/multiple children – is such a breeze…

No One, Ever

I originally considered journaling about my adventures as a dad to twins for both mindfulness and as a keepsake. Over time, I felt turning this into a blog could be a lot of fun.

I’d like to create a place for sharing observations, helpful products, parent wins, parent fails, funny moments, and more.

I’m not a parenting expert. But I am wise enough to know that…

  • raising children “takes a village”
  • “Many hands make light work”
  • “If you leave the Roku remote in your pocket and work at your makeshift standing desk in the living room your kids will sneak up to swap the remote for a wooden block, then attempt to silently slink away”

I hope some musings on this blog will resonate with your own experiences, maybe help provide a sanity check, and encourages constructive conversation in the comments.

Let’s be kind, support each other, and build a village 🙂

Stay tuned for more, and check out my About page to follow on social as well.


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