The other day, my daughter gleefully brought me her drawing tablet. She’s still getting comfortable drawing but loves asking me to call upon my considerable artistic talent to render various things.

Other times her request won’t be for “various things” so much as the same thing over and over and over.

The usual request playlist (on shuffle) includes: Donut. Ice Cream. Muffin. Popsicle.

She clearly inherited my sweet tooth.

This time she asked for something different.

Her: Dog

Me: “Sure!” … (draws a dog)

Her: (thoughtfully looks at dog)

Her: “Aww, puppy saaaaad.”

Me: “No. That’s a puppy.”

Her: “Puppy sad.”

Me: 😶


…maybe I’ll just stick to desserts?

Let me know the “worst” drawing you’ve ever made for your / a child, and how that was received!


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